Privacy And Security

We understand that your personal information is very important to you (especially based on the nature of our products), so we will redouble our efforts to protect your personal information and provide you with better customer service.

Just like our cautious delivery policy:

1.All Secrexys orders are discreetly packaged in either a plain brown box or padded bubble mailer, depending on your items;

2.Neither the brown box nor bubble mailer examples have the Secrexys name or logo anywhere on them,people can't guess what you ordered just by looking at the box or mailing label.

Secrexy.com respects the privacy of every visitor/customer and guarantees the safe treatment of your network. As the sole owner of the information collected by this website, we will interpret the privacy policy as follows:

+ A.How to collect

- B.How to use

We will receive your personal information from your visits to our stores, websites, application and social media pages, as well as from other sources.
1.Send you newsletters or notices of special offers, promotions, competitions or new products and services;
2.To run our competitions and promotions that you enter from time to time and to distribute prizes;
3.Processing, fulfilling and completing the orders you signed with us, purchasing and other transactions, and delivering orders and delivering orders;
4.Processing necessary for us to support you with your enquiries;
5.When you return to our website, recognize you, store your preference information, and allow us to customize the website according to your personal interests;
6.Evaluate your access to the site and prepare reports or compile statistical data to understand the types of people who use our site, how they use our site and make our site more intuitive. These details will be as anonymous as possible, and you will not be able to identify them from the collected information.

+ C.What to collect

+ D.Retention period

+ E.Your rights

+ F.How to contact us


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