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Frequently asked questions about accounts

1.Will you sell my personal information?

2.Product Ratings and Reviews Guide

3.What type of email can we receive from your website?

4.What if I applied for a password but didn't receive the email?

Frequently asked questions about orders and payments

1.How do I place and pay an order ?

2.How can I cancel an order?

3.How do I add or remove items from my order?

4. How do I track my order?

5.What can I do if fill in the wrong address?

6.What does "Split Shipped" mean?

7.How should I pay?

8.Where can I use my coupon?

9.Why was my order canceled and my payment refunded?

10.Situations When We Refund

11. I did not receive the order. Why does the tracking status show that it has been delivered?

12. How do I deliver the order and when will it be delivered?

13.What are the mailing methods?

14.How much is the transportation cost?

Frequently asked questions about products

1.Where can I see the latest items?

2.What should I do if a product I ordered is out of stock?

3.How do I check if a product is out of stock?

Frequently asked questions about coupons

1.What are the current coupons and how to use it ?

2.Why is my coupon not working?

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